Registration & Prizes 


Kiteoween registration happens on event day, starting at 11am and ends at 12:30pm. A registration table will be set up at the main area of the event. We ask for a real name  and a character costume name for each contest registrant. The entry fee is a minimum donation of 150 pesos in Mexico.


The Contest

The contest starts when we have wind and enough costumed riders to start the show. 

Requirements to enter the contest:


1. Must be dressed in a costume.

2. Must be able to stay upwind and know the right of way       rules of kiting.

3. Make the minimum donation requirement.

Prizes & Awards

Prize ceremony is at 4:00pm. Contest participants can win in only one prize category. 


All prizes are provided by our Incredible Sponsors. Without their generous donations of swag, certificates, advertising and support, Kiteoween would cease to exist!

We thank you!!


*Remember, the contest is just for fun and the Judges (who are chosen at random on the day) have been known to accept bribes without following through with results!!

"It's all about comraderie, laughter and having a fun. Kiteboarding some times becomes stressful and overly serious within competing and learning. Kiteoween is a reminder that we are all here to share the stoke and have a good time."

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