About Kiteoween

Kiteoween is no doubt a very unique event featuring Kite boarders who dress up in costumes. We take pride in the fact that unlike other competition style events this one focuses on the non-professional kiter and makes him or her the star of the show. Don't get us wrong,  we all love watching the pros throw down but there is some thing very radical and special about Joe-average kiter, (buddy next door)  all dressed up in costume who has a chance at winning it all!


 The positive energy of Kiteoween is literally created by the people who show up to participate.  That little taste of absolute happiness when a costumed kiter goes flying overhead is a reminder that we are all here for a good time and that’s what keeps people coming back. Good times are meant to be shared.


Each year Kiteoween keeps growing with the help of our dedicated Sponsors. Like the mainstream Halloween, Kalena Nielsen coined the name "Kite-o-ween" for this annual costume day event which she created in 2010. Kiteoween is one of the last events SWS hosts during the summer in Squamish. In the name of tradition Kiteoween has taken place on the last Sunday of August each year. However we can't control mother nature and experienced some cancellations due to rain.


This years event will take place on Thursday October 31st, 2019, at Baja Joe's Resort in beautiful, warm, La Ventana, Mexico!! Fingers crossed for sunny and windy skies at this time in 2019. Our endless heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Sponsors who have continued to support Kiteoween each and every year.


Yes it’s weird, wild and most definitely one of a kind. Most people have never seen anything like it. Come out, get dressed up in costume and join the fun no matter if you're a kiter, windsurfer, water sport enthusiast of some sort or not. Only requirement to attend the event is to wear a smile. And the only requirement to enter the contest is to be wearing a costume and bring a $150 Peso donation.


For details about the Kiteoween Contest and Prizes click here



* Note: When the event takes place in Squamish, non-SWS-members are required to pay a $20 CAD day fee to launch at the spit.



To find out more about The Squamish Windsports Society Click here or go to:



"It's all about comraderie, laughter and having a fun. Kiteboarding some times becomes stressful and overly serious within competing and learning. Kiteoween is a reminder that we are all here to share the stoke and have a good time."

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